At right center: Dallas Morley (platinum hair), Chuck Yeager, Pancho Barnes (standing behind), Barney the Dalmation, Mac McKendry.

At right center: Dallas Morley (platinum hair), Chuck Yeager, Pancho Barnes (standing behind), Barney the Dalmation, Mac McKendry.

One particularly memorable evening at the Happy Bottom Riding Club, the whole gang was gearing up for another hayride and BBQ out in the desert. This time not only was Chuck Yeager attending, but also Pancho Barnes, her loyal Dalmatian dog Barney, ranch foreman Mac Mckendry as well as the head Hostess of the club, the platinum blonde Dallas Morley. They were all eager to join in on the festivities and spend some quality time together.

As the group assembled around the hay wagon (actually a flatbed trailer), Pancho’s Dalmatian, Barney, darted around excitedly, sensing the anticipation in the air. The sun began to set, casting a warm golden glow over the desert landscape. Chuck Yeager, always the charismatic presence, struck up conversation with Mac asking about his latest projects on the ranch and sharing a few jokes.

With everybody on board, the tractor roared to life, pulling the ‘hay wagon’ into the vast expanse of the desert. The evening sky was ablaze with color, fading from a fiery orange to a soft pink before the first stars appeared. Pancho, sitting proudly next to Chuck, regaled the group with stories of her own exploits – her record-breaking flying and the many famous faces who had visited her club over the years, as well as telling a few of her infamous jokes.

As the hayride traversed the desert terrain, the group spontaneously broke into song, their voices filling the night air with a joyous chorus. Even Barney seemed to join in, barking along in time with the melody. It was a sight to behold, this fun-loving crew united in song and laughter, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the desert. 

When they arrived at the BBQ spot out in the desert, the group eagerly hopped off the wagon, ready to enjoy a well-deserved feast. Dallas Morley, head Hostess at the Happy Bottom Riding Club, and known for her culinary skills, took charge of the grill, expertly tending to the sizzling meats and vegetables. Mac Mckendry and Chuck Yeager started a friendly competition, tossing horseshoes as the others cheered them on.

As the night progressed, the group gathered around the roaring bonfire, ice cold drinks in hand and plates piled high with delicious BBQ. Barney found a cozy spot by Pancho’s side, his head resting on her lap as she affectionately scratched behind his ears. Chuck Yeager, ever the raconteur, shared stories of his most recent test flights, his eyes alight with passion for his work. 

The atmosphere was thick with camaraderie, and the laughter and conversation continued long into the night. It was a rare and cherished moment for all, a testament to the bond they had forged in the wilds of the Mojave Desert.

When the embers of the bonfire began to fade, the group reluctantly packed up and climbed back aboard the ‘hay wagon’ for the journey back to the Happy Bottom Riding Club. The ride back was a peaceful one, filled with contented silence as they all reveled in the lingering warmth of the night while enjoying the magnificent display of stars above.

This enchanting evening would live on in their memories, a symbol of the unbreakable bonds of friendship and the magic that could be found in the simplest moments at the Happy Bottom Riding Club.