The current US Air Force Flight Test Museum is located behind the gates at Edwards Air Force Base.  Because the Museum is currently located behind the gates on a top security air base, access is often not possible for non-military personnel.  

To make the museum fully accessible to the public, it is currently being rebuilt and relocated to just outside the West Gate to Edwards Air Force Base.  As Art Thompson, Board Chairman of the Flight Test Foundation recently noted, “In the new location, the Flight Test Museum seeks to not only preserve and protect the history of flight test but also be the conduit to connect it to a new generation. The developments at Edwards have always reached for the future and the Museum seeks to do the same by inspiring the next generation with the new STEM center.”  

Inside the new museum will be a Pancho Barnes café and event space.  Please consider donating to help complete the museum.  This museum is being privately funded and uses no tax dollars for the built-out. Your donation is tax deductible because the Flight Test Foundation is a registered 501 c3 tax-exempt charitable foundation.

Click here for more information and please consider making a donation:

Here are 2 renderings of the new 75,000 sq. ft. Flight Test Museum. Rendering provided by the talented Gensler team.