George Hurrell was internationally known for his talent as a photographer, but little known was the fact that he also had a talent and passion for cooking. In between his work assignments George would often visit the Happy Bottom Riding Club to relax and catch up with his old friend, Pancho Barnes.

One day, Hurrell arrived at the Club with a bag full of spices and ingredients. He had come up with a new recipe for barbecued steak ala Hurrell and wanted to get Pancho’s opinion on it.

He fired up the grill and carefully seasoned the steak, using a blend of spices he had been perfecting for months. As the steak sizzled on the grill, the aroma filled the air, and the other patrons of the bar began to take notice.

When the steak was finally cooked to perfection, Hurrell served it to Pancho Barnes, eagerly awaiting her opinion. She took a bite and smiled, nodding her head in approval. “This is amazing, George,” she said. “You’ve really outdone yourself this time.”

From that day on, barbecued steak ala Hurrell became a special request dish at the Happy Bottom Riding Club.